what is the difference between your dj courses and music production courses? 

A DJ Course at Lab Six teaches students how to play/ perform music using industry standard Pioneer DJ equipment. 

Our Music Production Courses teach students how to make music of their own using their own computers with the popular Ableton software.

Is any experience required for lab six courses?

No previous experience is required to enrol in any of our courses. We cater to all levels of ability and experience. Our courses start with the basics and works towards getting you to a competent level, so no prior experience is necessary. 

Will I need my own equipment?

All equipment for DJ tuition is supplied and you don’t need to provide your own. Although it is useful having equipment at home so you can practice what you learn throughout the course, a supervised practice room is also available during teaching hours that enrolled students may book to use. 

Music Production students learning Ableton will need to bring their own laptop with Ableton installed and a set of headphones.

How long do THE comprehensive group courses run for? 

The Comprehensive DJ and Ableton Courses run for a total of ten weeks with two contact hours a week of tuition. DJ Students also get a free one hour practice session each week. 

Are Courses taught in groups or privately?

Our courses are taught in both group and 1-on-1 formats. Course pricing varies between group and 1-on-1 formats. 

When will my course commence? 

Group Courses are taught in 10 week blocks. We have four intakes per year; the first commencing in February and the last finishing in December. New terms commence at specific times throughout the year, which allows us time to process your enrolment and schedule you into a time slot. This means that no matter when you decide to enrol with Lab Six the waiting time to start your course will be minimal. We run four terms per year; the first commencing in February and the last finishing in December.

1-on-1 Courses are taken year round and the average wait time for a course is usually one to four weeks.


Enrolments and payments


How do I enrol and pay for a Course? 

Enrolment can occur in a number of different ways as outlined below. We like to meet all potential students face to face for an enrolment tour at the school to show them around and discuss how Lab Six can best meet their needs. Payment is organised at the enrolment tour, once students complete enrolment documents. Online: Click ‘Enrol’ at the top of our website and fill out the contact form. We will gather this information and contact you to arrange an enrolment tour at the school. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at info@labsix.com.au.


learning at lab six


What do I need to bring to class each week?

We suggest bringing a notepad and pen to write down any notes during lessons. In addition we provide the Lab Six coursework for each week at the start of each lesson, which gives you the lesson plan and an outline of what will be covered in that lesson. For those doing private lessons we encourage you to bring a USB or portable hard drive of any specific music or music styles you want to cover in your lessons. 

What if I miss my lesson?

If notice of more than 24 hours is given, you may schedule a makeup lesson with Lab Six staff during operating hours. This means that you will be able to come to the school and the instructor will cover what you missed in that lesson. These make up lessons run for 1 hour only. If notice is not given within 24 hours, then no makeup lesson will be scheduled, however you may collect the coursework for that week to catch up on your own.




Does Lab Six sell DJ equipment? 

Currently we do not sell DJ or music production equipment, however we can point you in the direction of our friends at Store DJ who will look after all your production and DJ gear needs. 

Will you get me a job as a DJ once I finish?

Lab Six is a school for personal creative development and not a tertiary or vocational facility, as such we do not offer official job placement upon the completion of our courses. We aim to provide students with the technical knowledge and ability to harness their creativity and pursue Music Production and/or DJ’ing how they wish. Whether this be in a professional capacity or as a recreational hobby. We encourage all students to network and collaborate with other aspiring artists in the local music scene and Lab Six community.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates for all courses as well as one-off lessons and can be made out for any amount you wish. These can be purchased in person from the school after e-mailing us at info@labsix.com.au